2022 Halloween Event, Trilogy Raid, Zombie AOE Zone

General Information

In this update we have released the 2022 Halloween Event.


Halloween Event

At any time during this event you can use the command ::eventhelp to find out what to do next.

You can start the Halloween Event by talking to Merkre at home.

Merkre will tell you that Akatsuki has been possessed by a demon, and he needs help to bless him.


He lets you know that Father Paul in Lumbridge church will know how to remove the possession.

Father Paul will tell you that you can remove the possession with a Holy Amulet.

He says that he will create the amulet for you, if you bring him his holy pages.


If you teleport home, you will now see zombies.

These zombies will only appear at home while you are on this step of the event.


Kill the zombies until you get all 3 holy pages.


Bring the holy pages back to Father Paul in Lumbridge.


Father Paul will give you the Holy Amulet


Wear the amulet, and find Akatsuki at home.

You will also notice that all the zombies have disapeared!


You will need to bless Akatsuki

Congratulations! You have completed the 2022 Halloween Event.


Zombie AOE Zone

Once you have completed the Halloween Event, you will be given a Zombie AOE Teleport scroll.

You can use this teleport scroll to access the Zombie AOE Zone.

At this location, you can mass-kill zombies for Zombie fragments.

You can spend these fragments inside of the Halloween Shop by talking to the Gravekeeper at this zone.


Halloween Demon Global

Once you complete the Halloween Event, you can kill the Halloween Demon ::global boss.

This boss drops ALL of the new halloween items!


Halloween Set

An all-new Halloween Set has been added that provides 20% drop rate, double drop rate, and damage boost on EACH armour piece totalling up to 100% in Cosmetic Slots only.

These items also have the equivalent stats of Infinity when worn in main slots.


Halloween Weapons

The Halloween weapons are very similiar to the armour set.

When worn, it provides 20% dr, ddr, and damage boost ONLY in cosmetic slots.


Other Halloween Items

All other halloween items are best in slot in main-slots.


Halloween Casket

The Halloween Casket contains all of the Halloween items.

This casket is only obtainable from the ::global boss as well as on the store for $5 each.


Trilogy Raid

All Ultimate Crypt items have been renamed to Trilogy including the attachment.

A new raid has been added called Trilogy Raid.

This raid is very easy and the whole point of it is to grind the Trilogy Attachment to create Trilogy items.

The requirement to enter this raid is 500 Crypt raids.

The monsters in this raid hit hard, so make sure to use prayer and constantly attack the monsters to survive.

It is highly recommended to use AOE in this raid.


There is a total of 8 waves.

BE CAREFUL - It is very easy to die on the final boss.


On the final wave, a portal will spawn.

Clicking the portal will teleport you to ::raidisle to open keys.


Your team leader also has an option to quickly 'restart raid'.


Once the raid is completed you can loot the chest


Drop Rate Cap Rework

Originally drop rate got capped at 1/2 of what the drop's rate is. For example, if a boss was 1/4000 rate, the lowest you could make it go would be 1/2000, meaning only 2000% of your drop rate would work.Now it is capped at 1/3 of the boss rate, meaning you can get a 1/4000 rate down to as low as 1/1320!


Bug Fixes

- Fixed not being able to roll dice for Cipher

- Iron man can now open the donator slayer shop

- SMS phone codes are now only limited to US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom

- Fixed a bug where monsters didn't deal any damage

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't enter crypt raids even while having  500 chests opened

Posted by Jonny


October 21, 2022, 6:26 pm

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